This usually occurs upon starting your computer and is due to scanning and
removing virus or malware from you computer. It may happen to all computer with any version of operating system. The following instruction will fix this error permanently.

1st step: Search regedit in your computer. To do this, click start button, and type regedit or press Win + R on your keyboard then type regedit.exe then Enter

2nd step: This will open your registry. I will suggest not to edit any value here if you don’t know what are you’re doing. Please be careful in following my instruction. Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER and the Software.

3rd step: Click Microsoft

4th step: Click Windows NT

5th step: Click CurrentVersion

6th step: Click windows and double click Load

7th step: On Value Data, clear or delete any value displayed then click Ok. Close everything and restart your computer. That’s it!


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