This article explains how you can get the serial, manufacturer, model or anything information about your laptop using only command prompt. The commands bellow will work in any version of windows operating system (7,8,10). Usually serial number, model and other info about your laptop display in a sticker but if you accidentally remove it, these commands will help you to find the right info.

The following are the codes you might want to use:

  • Wmic – windows management instrumentation command
  • Csproduct/computersystem
  • Vendor/manufacturer – code to get brand of your laptop
  • Model
  • Serial – serial number
  • Systemtype – 64/32bit
  • Search cmd in your start menu or press Win + R to display Run window then type CMD and enter
  • Type wmic csproduct get vendor, version in your cmd. It will display your laptop vendor and version
  • Type wmic computersystem get model, name, manufacturer, systemtype in your cmd.

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