Usually you can use this landscape orientation in your document if you want to insert images that are not fit in you portrait document or if you want to insert tables or excel file in your word document. This tutorial will only show you how to set your second page into landscape or portrait orientation. I’m using MS Office 2016 but you can always do at later version of MS office.

1st step: Open your document you want to edit the orientation or if not just create new word document. In my case i will just create a blank document.

In creating new document in MS office, by default it will create a portrait document. So we will setting our 2nd page to landscape but if you want your 1st page to be landscape and the 2nd page will be portrait, you will be setting your first page to portrait by going to Page Layout or Layout (in some version of MS office) then orientation.

2nd step: Create your 2nd page which will be the landscape orientation by going to insert tab and under pages, create blank page. Or simply pressing Enter in your keyboard until it creates new page.

Now i have 2 pages in one document. The next thing we will do is to set our 2nd page to landscape.

3rd step: Put your Text cursor in your 2nd page. Your text cursor is the vertical line in your MS word which is blinking or steady depending when you’re typing or not. Go to Layout tab then click the dialogue box launcher. Your dialogue box launcher is like an arrow facing down and you will see in all groups of your Ribbon. Please refer to the encircled image below if your not familiar in the dialogue box launcher.

After clicking your dialogue box launcher, page setup will be displayed.

4th step: Under Margins tab, select landscape orientation (1) then select Apply to “This point Forward” (2). Click OK to apply changes.

That’s it. You’re done setting your 2nd page to landscape orientation. You can also do it landscape to portrait at any page in your document. If you don’t know the parts of your MS Office word, kindly click this link.

If you have questions regarding the tutorial feel free to contact or message us on the dashboard of our website.


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